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Established in 2000, Souk Salmiah Real Estate Co. is one of the leading real estate companies in Kuwait. The company's sole aim is to provide an unparalleled service level in Kuwait's real estate market, and thus realize the vision of the company's Late Chairman, Mr. Khalid Youssef Al-Marzouk.

Today, Kuwait's real estate market is thriving and growing towards a mature and established market attracting a lot of local interests. At Souk Salmiah Real Estate Co., we embrace change, seize opportunities, and respond quickly to cope with the evolving markets.

Besides, as we believe that our clients are the cornerstone of everything we do, we constantly focus on listening to their requirements so that we can provide them with an uncompromising high-quality service that meets everyone's needs.

The success which we have already achieved drives us forward to accomplish set goals for a brighter tomorrow.


Our culture and investment approach are built on specific, enduring values.


Our number one priority is to serve the needs of our investors, which drives us to operate with prudence, professionalism and financial discipline.


We believe collaboration and shared success create a culture of accountability and productivity.


We take great pride in our work and strive for excellence in all our endeavors.


Our assets are our people, reputation and relationships. Like our namesake wildlife refuge, we seek to create a dynamic and symbiotic environment offering an opportunity for all in the ecosystem to grow and prosper.


We believe that concrete knowledge and diverse perspectives are key to finding actionable ideas that drive superior investment returns.


Commitment to Excellence - Commitment in all we do for our internal and external customers. First rate and superior service. Ownership of the outcome.

Integrity - High standards of honesty and strong moral principles. Doing the right thing all the time with no exemption.

Inspire – To motivate, influence, energize and stimulate the work environment.

Innovators - progressive, enlightening forward-thinkers who engaging in new ideas for better solutions and streamlining processes.

Fearless – Able to take on challenges, difficult situations, demanding customers and tight deadlines. Always engaging in critical thinking.


The Late Khalid Youssef Al-Marzouq

Born in 1931, the Late Khalid Youssef Al-Marzouq was a man of vision, a successful businessman, and an initiator. From his early days, Mr. Al-Marzouq showed interest in commerce, architecture, and socio-politics.

Throughout his life, Mr. Al-Marzouq was highly successful and had a significant impact on Kuwait's socio-economic life. He co-established the Commercial Bank of Kuwait (1960), set the foundation of Al-Anbaa newspaper (1976), founded several real estate companies for greater success in Kuwait such as: Kuwait Projects for Construction and Real Estate Co., Loloa (Pearl) Real Estate Co., Kuwait Financial Group Co., and Nouf Real Estate Co. for General Trading & Contracting.

In the year 2000, he founded Souk Al-Salmiah Real Estate Co., with a view towards becoming one of the largest markets in Kuwait combining several entertaining and business activities.

The Late Khalid Al-Marzouq was a visionary and a patriot. His achievements are till our day memorialized for their immense socio-political impacts, and today this persona's philanthropy and charity are still very well-known amongst Kuwaiti people.


  • Marzook Khaled Yousef Al-Marzook

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Sulaiman Ahmad Abdulaziz Al-Humaidi

    Vice Chairman

  • Sheikh Dae'j Salman Al-Dae'j Al-Sabah

    Board Member

  • Raed Jawad Bukhamseen

    Board Member

  • Musaed Fahad Khaled Al-Kulaib

    Board Member

  • Abdul Mohssen Sulaiman Al-Meshan

    Board Member

  • Mohammad Ali Sabhan

    General Manager & Board Secretary

  • Mohammad Jalal

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sanjiivv Ramesh Sharma

    Marketing Manager


Souk Al-Salmiah Mall

The Souk Al-Salmiah project covers 83,245m2 of land, encompassing both nature and an arabesque architecture, all in a harmonizing elegance that merges the old and the new. In order to compliment the aesthetic of the project, 12,500m2 of landscape were dedicated for the garden. Read More

The Grey Mall

In the heart of "Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City, Al-Khairan", we introduce, The Grey, a mall that strategically forgathers key offerings of Restaurants, Coffee shops, Beauty Salons, Entertainment Centers, Convenience Stores, Pharmacies and more, to cater to the basic needs of the city's residents. Read More

The Tower

The Tower is a residential tower with a convenient proximity from Kuwait's Capital City, Shopping Centers and Kuwait International Airport. The towers were built facing the sea, giving its inhabitants the pleasure of an eye dazzling view. All interior spaces of the tower were worked in which to create a climate of interconnection and modernity.



Mohammed Ali Al-Sabhan
Administration Manager

Mohammed Jalal Desoqi
Financial Manager

Sanjiivv Ramesh Sharma
FMarketing Manager


Salmiah, 5th Ring Road, Jawazat Roundabout, Kuwait


+965 25727344
+965 25727355